November 8, 2006

  • lol havent been to this xangie fo a longggggggggggg assssssssssssssssssssss timeeeeeeeeeeee! anyways… i wont b updating this shiet NEmo, wana keep in touch then add me on myspace =) **



April 10, 2006

  • AHgrrrrrrrrrrRrRrRr  today was mah freak’n bad aZz dae >_< da w0rsen dae eva in my wh0le entire life , s0me mother f**ken shiet head had f**ken br0ke int0 mah car n f**ken stolen mah stereo  while i was at w0rk , they search thru every damn shiet n left me w/ whole lots of mess *dda^.u ma’ n0′* & they even f**ked up mah lights n signal indicators, c0z they tried to pull out the wires n stuff, s0 there g0es i drive w/0 givin signal b4 i make a turns, lucky there’s n0 cops, pwahaha otherwise i g0t s0me damn fines 2 take care w/ 

    shieeeeeeeeeeet damn th0se n0 lyfe f**ker *wish u cant shiet fo daes*  >_< ahhhh pissssssed da shiet of out me!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve NEVA been s0 UNLUCKY like this b4 eva  


    n e waiz took s0me pix last weekend & da 2 weekend b4… s0 here goes ….






    notes: this mah bro’s car, n0t the car got broke int0 hehehe, aiitie leave s0me luvs  



February 21, 2006

  • Wah’s g0od girls & boyz ???? how’s life treat’n y’all lately??? btw how’s was new yr, valentine’s day n blah… mine r aiite ^.^ n uhmmm btw lolz sorry didnt really keeps my promise do i ??? well just duno wah to write, so i cant bother update at all  n e wh0 i just had mah bangs chop chop chop, so imma post up some of mah dorky *ngo’* face  dun even tryna laff at me, i’ll wh0op ur aZz hahahahaa  j/k j/k… aiite leave me s0me love k ^.^





    yea im cold * i need a hugggggggggg* hehehehe aiite, that’s all 4 today… leave me s0me l0ves ^.^



December 22, 2005

  • wei hey. waZup?? lolz g0ta keeps mah pr0mised 2 u guyz s0 iMma update this shiet m0re often buh i uNo wah write  n e waiz WISH y’all have a Greatttttttttt holidae….

    MeRry X-maS & a Supa

    HappIee New YeaR aiite ??


    g0na p0st s0me 0f mah pix up… nj0y n yesh i n0e im uglie LOL buh yea g0ta leave me w/ s0me loves k ???

    s0me of mah graduation pix *taken on Nov/25*  ”click 2 enlarge”

    lolz man dun y’all think that lido babi looks hella kute ??? lmao me n mah bro’s Fiance didnt even noe she stood nxt to us… she just too kute, sooo tricky cheeky lido girl hehehe

    aiite time 4 some webcam pix… lmao im such a cam wh0re eh??


    i’ll p0st m0re later… im get’n laZi lolz c0z there’s too much 2 upload… so tah tah


December 14, 2005

  • hehe waZup people ??? soRry havent had time to update this shiet… buh aiite guess im back n tryna update more often *if i can* hahaha actually im just being laZi n all  n e waiz…. nothing much goin on lately, buh yay 2mrow it’s my 2 years anniversary w/ ma hunnie bunnie…… how great *yay* aWwwe i love him sooo freak’n much … muahzzzz (i love u hun)


    em yeu anh

    nhiuuuuuuuuuuuu la’m  

    aiite i just g0t h0me fr0m w0rk, *tired*  i’ll update m0re later 2nite 0r…..  *w/ s0me pix*

September 29, 2005

  •  soRry f0 tek’n s0o long tur updat’n diZ shyet  aZ u all NOE im very laZi hahaaha well aiight uhmm let’s c wah’s on laTeLi…. nUfin much, w0rk, h0me, eat n sleeps *keeps repeat’n* so nUfin news  buh hix hix im SICK  hate it… n ahhh gotah w0rk 2m0r0w to0 *p0or me*…

    Ouu yEa, i had mah belly piercing *f0 ova a m0nth n0w lolz n wh0opz mah parentz f0und 0ut… *m0m was fine, she’s KEWL w/ it, which why i alwaiz luv m0m MORE dan daddie* he was t0tally MAD ab0ut it n blah….. whinning n m0aning n told meh 2 take it off n dah dah dah… NAH nO waE  *well i havent t0rk 2 him f0 ova a WEEK n0w*  buh wAteva m0v’en 0n aiight… g0na p0st sum pix up ^^ so nj0y … nj0y…  (NOTES:: mah sum can be mean LOTS aiight)


      (im only 3’8 lmaoooo)

    I’ll show ya mah belly pierced ^^


    HERE’s this last pix 4 whoEva tryna JACK-ed mah pix-eS… n sae’n their YOURS gEeZe u SICK & STOP lyin DAMN IT >,< soo

    n n n look at these babies *aint they KUTEEEE huh?*


September 18, 2005

  • Hey, HapPy Mo0n (buTt) FeStival 2 u ALL lolz……. which was ur fav. mo0n cake ??? n e waiz… uhmmm let’z sing a s0ng k ??

    Te’t chung thu ta0 dot’ nha` di ch0i….  *n dat’z all i NOE lolz*  well i h0pez u all have a GREAT mo0n feS k ^^ which i had, c0z it’z mah MOMMY’s b’dae 2dae… how kewl she’s was b0rn 0n da uhmmm BuTt (Mo0n FeStival) lma0… *j/k momie*




    2 YOU MOMMY….  :MUAHZ:  I



    p.s. i’ll update m0re laTeR ^^



September 13, 2005

  • WaZup waZup??? lo0kie w0′z updat’n her XaNgiE lolz….. i’ve beEn a bUzEeE bum laTely aZ u n0e dat im w0rk’n lolz, s0 imma SupA laZiEe 0nce i g0t h0me fr0m w0rk >,<, sh0wa, eat, then 0nline 0r 0r 0n da f0ne w/ mah 0ngXa~ ^^ n dat’z make meh feeeeeeeeeeeel muchie much0 betah lolz  n i jux g0t 0ff da f0ne w/ him lyke 10 minz ag0 (MiSSSSSSeS u much0 much0 HuNniE)  MUAHZZ, th0rt imma get s0me sleep, buh nah g0tah update diZ shiet c0z i havent t0uch it f0 such a lo0ng tyme… s0  duZ n e b0di miSseD meh??? aWwwe i’ve Missssssssed y’all alot (haha dun believe c0z i jux tell’n lie)  uhmm n e wh0, h0w’z lyfe evyb0di??? 0hh aiightiEz i un0 wah elze 2 fill in hur… s0 i guEzZ it’z pixxxxxx tyme yeah??? iMma p0st s0me o0ogLiez piX 0f meh up ^^ s0 nj0y mah ugLiEnEeZz lolz

    “theZe r fr0m mah 0ld plaCe”


    “theZe r fr0m mah nEw plaCe” 




    <— yea watEva lolz

    k d0ne, imma Cha^?u la… o0oh yEa leAve meh s0me HEARTz *MwahZzz* hehe ^^



August 19, 2005

  • uhmmm Bo0o ^^ im bak………. so waZup everyoneeeeeee???? uhmmm been while since my last sicki post lolz, n e waiz jux wana let everybody noe dat im bak now,  uhmmm duno wah 2 say…….. hiihihih well i’ll update l8er


    MISSES every one of u lolz *not* hahaha

June 4, 2005

  •  im sick……… both mah thr0at & jaw r kill’n meh, n i COUGH lyke hell  wr0sest part is when i c0ugh, mah DAMN thr0at r hurt lyke w0aZ ….. n e waiz aint gona update this thing fo while aiight??? n e waiz im out soo l8er